Life After Fame: Meet MayorOfDMV & SGod Records


Life After Fame: Meet MayorOfDMV & SGod Records: Using the DMV party scene and hip-hop indie road touring as his backdrop and entry into the cut throat business of music, we have caught up with MayorOfDMV, who now serves as SP of Brand Development at SGod Records, to get insights on his career journey, how he established his relationship with Soulja Boy and how he balances life as a businessman.

Known as one of the top music managers in DC, MD, VA, music and entertainment, Sean Anwar Thomas aka MayorOfDMV has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make key connections and business deals within the industry. As a former indie road manager who worked for DC’s Brother Maniac and Hip-Hop for The Homeless Tour, MayorOfDMV is responsible for helping road manage and promote LiL B The Based Gods 1st east coast tour and along with Lil B is the brainchild behind the early 2000s Basedworld movement. In 2009, he teamed up with friends Brandon McCartney and Sabastian Demian to launch the indie website, which landed him at the door of musical artist Soulja Boy and a cult following, which earned them the top performance bid for New York Santos Party House in 2010.

Three years later, after working with countless acts such as Riff Raff, Beenie Man and several others, MayorOfDMV founded the boutique label, SGod Records, and landed rappers Anthony Goff, Yung Horus and Kemet Dank God as their first signing, which brought national attention to their hometowns of Baltimore, Memphis and Louisiana. Through SGod Records, MayorOfDMV created MayorOfDMV Management, which gets indie and emerging artists involved in learning marketing, artist self-development and revenue generation. Artists of all genres may contact @MayorOfDMV for paid shows or music career management at 240-441-1316