Liam Gerard – Ice Skating


Liam Gerard is a Minneapolis-based singer, songwriter, recording artist and performer. With roots in pop music of the 90’s to his adult addiction with Motown and the blues of Ray Charles. The music has been described as pulsing and melodic, with an attention to reflective lyrics based on experience. Tastes of alternative, blues, folk and pop give the music an eclectic feel as it spans multiple genres. Liam Gerard wrote all 11 tracks on his debut album Belle and Music and funded the entire project without a record contract over the course of 25 months of work recording it. Each song represents a moment/ event in time captured in the mind of a man utterly impassioned by his muse; a woman he refers to as, Belle.

In “Ice Skating,” Liam brings it back into a modern era with another gorgeous offering. The video begins with Liam entering a dusty room of old pianos. He lifts the cover and sits down to perform a beautiful rendition of a song that is clearly written from the heart and to a very specific person. At his side is this incarnation of Belle, a graceful ballerina performing a dazzling routine that is flawless, seamless, and moves with the grace of a swan.