Li63rty presents: “Again”

December 2022 – Li63rty is a Brooklyn-based artist who has recently dropped a unique release titled “Again”, which sets the bar higher in terms of giving the audience a truly insightful and unique combination of golden age rap and contemporary hip-hop. “Again” hits the mark with a big sound and a rich, detailed tone.

Li63rty’s music comes highly recommended to listeners who enjoy the work of artists like Biggie, Tupac, Jay Z, Wale and Ace Hood, only to mention a few. Her sound is just as personable and dynamic, but Li63rty brings a breath of fresh air to the genre, giving the listeners a remarkable experience and a new take on the hip-hop sound that feels effortless and natural, especially due to Li63rty’s production and vibes. The instrumentation matches the mood of the vocals, channeling a lot of emotional intensity while still offering a smooth and appealing sound.

Find out more about Li63rty, and listen to “Again”. This release is currently available on some of the best digital streaming services on the web.