LBCT – Extraterrestrial


LBCT – Extraterrestrial: The song Extraterrestrial is psychical possession via illumination, like medieval illuminated manuscripts. An alien culture and iconography is interpreted and claimed through native imagery, thus, god is no longer Palestinian, but French or Irish. God is no longer himself but now owned. An extraterrestrial is alien to us just as we are alien to it. The thematic idea is about claiming the story itself, and by telling the story you are claiming ownership of the story and the meaning it contains. Umberto Eco writes in Foucault’s Pendulum:

“It makes no difference whether I write or not, they will look for other meanings even in my silence, that’s how they are … so I might as well stay here, wait and look at the hill, it’s so beautiful.” It relates to the LBCT track because it is about claiming a dimension. What does it mean to claim a dimension? It’s more about certain things can change how a brain functions on a physiological level. Even if normalcy returns, it’s only an imitation of the original; a mere simulacrum. What was once there has been irrevocably transformed. In its place, an imitator. When the brain alternates, you can pretend to go back to normalcy. But it’s an actor playing a role, a changeling in swaddling clothes. Extraterrestrial gives the idea of exactly what’s in there.