La Roboká – Misophonic

La Roboká is back on the scene with a brand new single, “Misophonic.” check out their Official Music Video

La Roboká is a music project based in Berlin, Germany. This city has always been well-known for its incredibly music scene, acting as a fertile creative ground for so many talented performers. La Roboká definitely belongs to this category and their most recent single, “Misophonic” is yet another example of their one-of-a-kind sound.

The project consists of Lady K & Robulus, two artists who bring such a unique twist to the table. They were also involved in the cinematic world, with Robulus working as a composer and film director as well, while Lady K is no stranger to opera stages. The pair hit it off immediately, and they managed to find their full potential through their collaboration, a testament to their versatility and amazing skills.

“Misophonic” feels like a true culmination of their artistic vision, combining theatricality with melodies in equally powerful doses.

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This formation came into existence when Lady K, a classic soprano singer, and Robulus, a film composer, wanted to mix certain styles they liked into songs. We are happy when you like them too.

„In the few tracks that we have been sent, there is such a diverse spectrum of different sounds and even genres that they each fit into.“
Mammoth Music News

„La Roboká’s upcoming single “Misophonic” may be the juiciest hit of Pop insanity that we’ve been treated to this year.“
A&R Factory

„this duo writes music with honesty, and their stunning performances are a direct reflection of their diverse approach and passion for the craft.“
The Bandcampdiaries