L.A Marz – Inside

L.A Marz presents new single, Inside,” from his new full-length album

February 2020 – L.A Marz is an artist and songwriter with a focus on creating forward-thinking hip-hop music that echoes the greats of the golden age, and beyond. His music stands out because it is very honest, with lyrics that often deal with the artist’s own life experience and hardships.

Hailing from the Atlanta / Waynesboro area (GA), L.A Marz has been passionate about music ever since he was a child, and he experimenting with recording himself with a portable recorded. Eventually, he developed a unique sound, setting the bar higher in terms of attitude and energy.

His most recent studio single, “Inside,” is actually a really good example of what you can expect from his delivery. The song is the 8th track on his recent album, 17, and it is one of the strongest tunes on it. The tune kicks off with some mellow piano vibes, and it later delves into a chill-type beat with strong drums and melodic lyrics.

Fans of artists as diverse as Outkast, Emimen, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are definitely going to connect with L.A Marz and his work.

Check out L.A Marz and do not miss out on “Inside” as well as the rest of the artist’s new album, which you can find on Spotify and elsewhere on the web.