KZM!? – Dreaming 4 A Year

Artistrack brings to you ‘Dreaming 4 A Year’ by KZM!?

It gets so crazy sometimes, Dreaming 4 A Year looks at how I felt during the past year, I got distracted by love, it felt good but I was still distracted you know. My mind was now working on securing two goals instead of one and of course it didn’t end well for me. A lot happened that year , the whole gang got a feel of the life and blessings that were coming and at that moment I knew I wouldn’t be okay with anything less. The whole year didn’t feel too real to me , the signs ,the pain ,the blessings, the close calls, the love, i saw a side of life I had never actually experienced or felt and I loved it. I grew and began to see more than before , so up until I can open my eyes and actually feel stable enough to say yes this is my life Imma keep dreaming.