Kutan Katas – Simulation

Kutan Katas - Simulation

Kutan Katas launching brand new project: “Simulation.”

Kutan Katas is a very versatile artist. In fact, he wears so many hats with his music! Kutan covers various roles, including being a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. An avid music aficionado, and a student of ethnomusicology, Kutan has developed an in-depth understanding of musical languages throughout the world, and his experimental music often reflects such a kaleidoscopic background.

His most recent project, “Simulation,” is a perfect example. On this release, Kutan’s sound is inspired by masters as diverse as Hans Zimmer, Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, or Phillip Glass. Much like these amazing artists, Kutan is always about setting the bar higher, taking the sound of his music towards different directions, straying from the beaten path.

The songs on the album are intriguing and diverse, sporting many exciting textures from acoustic and electronic instruments alike, making for a really distinctive feels. The artist often creates his own digital synth patches, aiding to a really unique combination of modern and traditional.

Find out more about Kutan Katas, and don’t pass up on “Simulation,” one of the artist’s best works yet.