Knwlxdge – Guiding Light

Knwlxdge is back with the release of his new single, ‘Guiding Light’

Well what can we say about local Denver artist Knwlxdge that hasn’t been said. In his new single titled “Guiding Light” he give us a insight into his reality on various levels. He speaks boldly on his stutter that most will shy away from. Combined with his excellent lyricism, and the way he put his words together compounding metaphors, similes, schemes and all out honestly, this is definitely a timeless track. In this day and time where artist are mimicking one other, Knwlxdge holds true to himself by standing out amongst the crowd and having his own sound. For more of his music, follow his Instagram @Freedomteam12 and subscribe to his YouTube channel (Knwlxdge L).