KKP – I’m Down prod. LnD

KKP - I'm Down prod. LnD

KKP releasing brand new single, “I’m Down”

Vancouver rapper unleashing exciting release.

KKP is a rapper from Vancouver, and she is making headlines with her most recent release, “I’m Down” (produced by LnD). This track reveals KKP’s fondness for the best old school rap, and her lyrical flow is often inspired by some of the truest legend of the genre, including 2Pac Shakur, Biggie Smalls or A Tribe Called Quest, among others.

“I’m Down” is a direct and energetic rap track with an engaging beat and a very uncompromising lyrical twist, with clever verses and memorable lines. The tracks’ production is very gritty and organic, allowing KKP’s vocals to really stand out in the mix. Her lyrical content is also excellent, as she only raps about what she feels, and what she sees…the truth!

KKP’s signature style is direct and forward-thinking, and she knows all about channeling the really vibe of the best original rap, with a wink and a nod to the scene of the 90s.

Find out more about KKP and listen to the song via Soundcloud below: