Kinsman Dazz band Allstars – SOUL JAM

Legendary Grammy Award Winning Motown R&B Hall of Fame Soul Funk Band, Kinsman Dazz Bannd Allstars revealing new project, SOUL JAM.

Kinsman Dazz Bannd Allstars is a music project with a passion for pure and electrifying R&B music. This talented Cleveland combo is a passionate and accomplished, offering a distinctive style, and a one-of-a-kind creative approach. All of the band members are equally as gifted, resulting in a diverse, yet balanced tone. Kinsman Dazz Bannd Allstars blurs the lines between various ideas, due to their eclectic arrangements and adventurous lead tones. The melodic leads are absolutely spectacular, and in fact, they are definitely among the key elements in the sound of their new single release, “SOUL JAM.”

This track is fiery and spicy, combining the hooks and grooves of Stevie Wonder, with the grit of The Weather Report, and even The Rolling Stones! On this release, the group set out to showcase their open-mindedness as a band. Their spirit knows no boundaries, and more importantly, their ability to entertain the audience, providing unique emotions and fantastic experiences, on stage, and in the studio.

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