King dat Sweet – WAVY

King dat Sweet presents the visuals for his new single, ‘WAVY’

King dat Sweet’s new single “WAVY” was produced and engineered by the rapper himself he also recorded the song in his own bedroom. After overcoming that he did not know an english word until age of 15, Sweet decided to make a music career for himself despite of his origin. He compensated his lack of knowledge (Never been to a music school, never played an instrument) by working twice as hard as others.

The video was shot in the area of an abbey using only a phone. With no money in his pocket King dat Sweet tried to learn everything he could in a short period of time to edit the video.The whole work was done by himself except the shot of the video. The rapper picked the place because he felt like it will match the mood of the song perfectly.

The song is about being satisfied with who you are and even though you’re not look like or be like as you wish people can still see you “shine” and can look up to you and respect you. Maybe something in you which you see as a weakness can be a reason why people start loving you and you can be recognized by others as a beautiful person.

King dat Sweet began his musical journey in 2015 when he started writing a song over a beat from YouTube in his University dorm. He realized he will need to own beats to publish music so he decided to learn production too. Today he is a songwriter, artist, producer and audio engineer in one person. Sweet is known as a funny, easy-going guy who like to mislead people with his jokes so people cannot know what he’s really like. People don’t understand him for trying to be a world wide known rapper from Hungary because it has never been done before so everybody thinks he’s crazy and his dream is impossible.