Kenny Hamber – Used Ta Be My Girl (Dj Spen)

DJ Spen Presents the Legendary
Kenny Hamber
“Use Ta Be My Girl”
Written by K. Gamble and L. Huff
Published by Mighty Three Music GEMA
Produced by DJ Spen, Michele Chiavarini, & DJ Fella
Mixing and Arrangements by DJ Spen & DJ Fella
Vocals Produced and Performed by Kenny Hamber
Additional Adlib Vocals by Randy Roberts and Richard Burton (R & R)
Background Vocals by Randy Roberts, Richard Burton, Andrea Michell, and
Aoctavia Miller
Vocal Recording Engineered by Steve Wright @ Wright Way Studios
Keyboards, Bass, and Guitars by Michele Chiavarini
Horns Section Arranged and Played by Scott Baylis, Max Grunhard, Tony
Strings by Lee England Jr.
Mastered by DJ Spen
Executive Producers Sean Spencer, Kelly Spencer & Thommy Davis

Quantize Recordings welcomes the legendary vocalist Kenny
Hamber back into the fold with his rendition of The O’jays
classic “Use Ta be My Girl”. Hamber has an acclaimed
discography under his belt and his electrifying abilities as a live
performer are exceptional. Needless to say, “Use Ta Be My Girl”
thoroughly displays his singing techniques in a way that will
make you dance and sing to this familiar Philadelphia
International classic.
This release includes mixes provided by DJ Spen and Michele
Chiavarini that are straight four to the floor masterpieces. Their
mixes are perfectly orchestrated with live musicianship under
Kenny’s strong vocal delivery. We have also included house mixes from DJ Fella that are totally upbeat, but soulful house to
the core. His versions are straight heat as they deliver a non-
stop grind that is dance floor focused. Believe us when we tell
you that “Use Ta Be My Girl” is going to do damage all over the planet and is not to be missed.