KCAST – Dream Boy

KCAST - Dream Boy

KCAST dropping his album, ‘Dream Boy’

With a mind full of dreams, it is powerful enough in his belief that they come true. Showing desirable emotions throughout this record, it has put him in a different level of music. He questions the world ” why do we cry ?” with a melody twist towards the end of the record, Cry. Explaining how the world will be like if the legends that wanted to make a change were still alive till this day with his soul touching lyrics and incredible versatility on his melodic algorithm in Missing the Past. KCAST truly believes any person can make a change in someone’s life to help others who need a true leader and friend.

Making it out the hood seems to be a true accomplishment for decades now. In Out of Something, the 20 year-old really put his heart and soul on this record for the world to feel his pain and motivation. Creativity and Evolution will forever be in the mind of KCAST. He shows his love for music on Fortune Cookies, presenting a different side of him with his production and vision. A nightclub frequency, with a portion of dance and house to keep the people dancing and smiling. KCAST is on a hunt to becoming a household name of the world. Listen to what he says in Dream Boy.