Kazzle & Osayris – Vuelve

Kazzle & Osayris release their second single, ‘ Vuelve’

When friendships goes beyond art!

Kazzle & Osayris is a duo based in Orlando, Florida, although born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Ever since they were young, these two talented artists developed a unique creative bond. They simply loved to get out there and perform for people, be it their friends, family members, or anyone else in the barrio! The two artists grew up together, and then moved to the US separately. It was’t easy for them to get together again through their music, but they certainly made it happen. Recently, they created a brand new single titled “Vuelve,” which has a personal concept for the two. At the same time, the beat is explosive and incredibly easy to relate to for people from all walks of life. What’s special of their sound is that it crosses over different influences, ranging from Latin American music, to pop, rock, R&B, and pretty much anything in between!

Fans of great melodies sung with passion and energy are definitely going to be able to connect with Kazzle & Osayris and with their life-long bonds as friends, artists, and humans!

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