Kate Magdalena – Shores of Avalon

Kate Magdalena - Shores of Avalon

06/26/20 – Kate Magdalena returns with her brand new single, ‘Shores of Avalon’

Avalon is the isle of legend where King Arthur is said to have been restored to health after grave injuries in battle, and where he was laid to rest. Avalon is an isle where fruit and flowers grow in abundance, and the land is always fertile with apple trees and flowers. Tina Malia wrote this song for her mother as she was dying; my sense is that the song helped her and her mother through that passing “across the Tintagel Sea.” She knew she would meet her again on the other side of that sea Tintagel is the stuff of legend. We need legends now. We need myths. We need to be reminded of what human beings really are, made in the image of something much finer, the image of God. Though Avalon is not a Christian symbol, it can easily represent a part of heaven, an enchanted place in the afterlife.

The reason I find this song so meaningful for today is that we are being faced with our mortality, as we face a world heading into chaos. The long tones of the accompaniment, the sublime lyrics, the imagery, and the production all contribute to giving this song a magical effect for healing, faith, lustre, and blessing in our lives. The song brings me peace just to listen, a peace I need right now. I hope it does that for you too!