Kase Kash – 24K (feat. Lijah P)

Kase Kash brings to us his new single ’24K’ (feat. Lijah P)

Kase Kash is a rapper with a modern and energetic approach. His sound is rooted in hard-hitting styles such as Grime and Trap, with a focus on hard-hitting instrumentals and searing lyrical flows that cut right through the mix.

His most recent single, 24K, is a great example of his sound and attitude. The track also features a spot-on collaboration with Liljah P, who added her on spin to the track, making for an interesting and direct twist.

Produced by Mavric, the track has a really balanced sound, with deep lows, crisp mids and silky treble frequencies that highlight the tone and feel of the performance. Kase Kash has an immediate star power, which draws comparison to successful acts as diverse as Drake, Rick Ross or Kendrick Lamar, just to mention a few!

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