Karlson – Dance With Me

Karlson - Dance With Me

Karlson – Dance With Me:

Karlson is a new emerging artist hailing from the Midwest. He first starting writing music when he was 7 years old and continued ever since. His style ranges from a fusion of his musical influences such as urban pop music, contemporary R&B, and a slight hint of gospel- a genre he likes to simply call “R&B Pop”. With each song he puts out, Karlson hopes to connect with his listeners through his personal experiences that he writes into his music and hopes others can relate. Being a one-man-band for so long, Karlson writes, records, and produces his own music and hopes his talent shows each time.

His featured single “Dance With Me”, illustrates what it is like to have a mutual feeling with someone, but the both of them are too afraid to come to terms with their heart. It is released on all major platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play and is available to stream and download there. Take a listen to “Dance With Me” and check out his other latest tracks “rollercoaster” and “Dangerous Game”.