Kahlil Famous – Friends with Benefits

Kahlil Famous has recently released a brand new studio single: Friends with Benefits.

May 2021 – Kahlil Famous is a charismatic artist and songwriter who puts a lot of character into his sound. Musically, he has developed a fresh and distinctive tone, which features elements of modern hip-hop and other influences. His most recent studio release, Friends with Benefits, also comes with a music video. The track stands out as a really great testimony of the artist’s creativity, as well as his ability to seamlessly merge different ideas into a sound that’s all of his own. The song immediately creates an immersive texture, and it feels like the perfect way for Kahlil Famous to let his vocal mastery unfold. The instrumental seems to be a great match with the intensity of the vocal, leading to a solid performance from the artist, and a cohesive listening experience that won’t let you down.

If you are a fan of artists such as Fortune Fabalon, Lil Wayne, Bryson Tiller and Drake, this one is definitely going to be a good fit with your heavy rotation!

Find out more about Kahlil Famous, and do not miss out Friends with Benefits, which is currently available on the web..