Kacey Who – Purple Sprite

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Purple Stripe’ by Kacey Who:

Purple Sprite pushes boundaries and draws inspiration from the New York Drill scene.

Provocative wordplay and use of triple entendres showcases the true lyrical ability of Kacey Who.

The unique production of layered vocals and heightened storytelling encapsulates the listener into a realm of Kaceys imagination.

Bristol based artist and producer Kacey Who has reached over waters and redefined his craft with his latest single.

Kacey has proven that he can easily shift between genres and blend stylistics to creature texture and depth to his soundscape.

Purple Sprite marks the beginning of his journey into the drill scene and highlights his adaptability and passion for the sound.

Using an array of production techniques and writing skills he has certainly manifested his intentions to create an upbeat, rhythmic and impactful track.