Just Listen – Everything I Got Remix ft. James Worthy (Dir. by @chillfratbryce)

chillfratbryce (Music Video Director) releasing new music video, “Everything I Got” (Remix) by Just Listen and James Worthy.

James Worthy and Just Listen got together to collaborate on yet another outstanding music project. Their new release is actually a remix version for the track “Everything I Got.” This project came about when Just Listen decided to create a mix of James Worthy’s previous record, “Everything I Got.” The video features the amazing visuals of chillfratbryce, who contributed to this hit release with his powerful aesthetics and ability to bring his stories to life.

The song immediately comes to life with its trap beats, and exciting neo-soul melodies. The lyrics are uplifting and powerful sharing a powerful story of coming from nothing, but never losing sights of your goals and dreams in life. The video perfectly matches the tone and feel of this release, giving the audience a cinematic visual complement to the storyteller in this release.

This is a song about the true spirit of hustling, and it is not just a cliche, it’s really all about having a goal in life and making it with all the resources you have.