Jus’ J – It’s My Time

Jus’ J - It’s My Time

Brand new studio release, ‘It’s My Time’ by RnB artist Jus’ J

Jus’ J is an avid music lover. He’s an Artist and Music Producer. He loves being very creative in his music. He tries to make sure his music is not just about the bass line and drums, but about the music in its entirety. Don’t get it wrong, he has some truly funky bass lines and drums locking it down, but the vocals are hot, the horns are on point, the keys are on fire. He also makes sure that all songs have a feel and a meaning that listeners can connect to. With creatively placed sound effects, the music grabs the listener first and then the lyrics totally wraps them up. Be careful because this album will have you driving over the speed limit and bobbing your head at the red lights.