Jules Frequency – Blessed Today

Maryland based artist Jules Frequency is back on the scene with the visuals for a beautiful new single: Blessed Today.

Some artists are here to entertain us, while others are here to remind you that we are so privileged for being alive, and being able to live by the moment every single day. His most recent track, “Blessed Today,” is a perfect example. The song doesn’t only shine for its positive hip-hop vibe, but it also gives the listener a great insight on the mind of an artist with something to say. In fact, Jules Frequency also makes his own beats and completely curates the production aspect of his releases, including this song. This amazing track was actually dropped on Soundcloud a while ago, and did really well, with thousands of listeners!

Like many people before, new audiences are re-discovering this song, and giving Jules a massive boost!

Find out more about Jules Frequency, and don’t miss out on “Blessed Today,” which is currently available on the web