JU-Neek – Sincerely Yours/Saygilarimla

JU-Neek is back with a new studio work: Sincerely Yours/Saygilarimla

November 2022 – At times, some of the best music happens when artists are willing to think outside the box and step outside the lines. This is definitely what JU-Neek did on his most recent release, Sincerely Yours/Saygilarimla.

This remarkable new studio work crosses boundaries between different genres, styles and languages. Having said that, the sound retains a very cohesive attitude, which doesn’t feel like a hodgepodge of musical style, but rather like the natural expressiveness of an artist who is always ready to push boundaries.

This release exemplifies the vast and one-of-a-kind creative range that makes JU-Neek so special. In addition, the flow of the music has so much colour and energy, giving the audience an uplifting listening experience right off the bat. This is perfect for fans of genres like rap, R&B, spoken word and soul!

Check out ‘Sincerely Yours/Saygilarimla’ on your favourite streaming platforms, and connect with JU-Neek on his social media profiles. This release is taken from the artist’s LP, UP-Beat Nation.