Joseph Anthony Ricciardo – Deeper

Joseph Anthony Ricciardo hits the mark with a new studio album: “Deeper”

February 2023 – Joseph Anthony Ricciardo is an impressive artist with a focus on creating music that escapes easy categorizations.

At times as energetic as some of the most iconic classic rock artists, at others as fresh as a contemporary indie stalwart, Joseph is keeping the flame of timeless rock music alive with high-quality songs.

The artist’s most recent full-length album, “Deeper”, is a perfect example of this. The work tips the hat off to artists such as Tom Petty, Francis Moon, Neil Young, Wings, and Steely Dan and it showcases lots of personality and color, which really brings more vibrancy to this release.

“Deeper” is very layered and textured, because there are many interesting elements making the mix special. Joseph’s vocals are very expressive, perfectly matching the mood of the instrumental and the vibe of the production overall.

Find out more about Joseph Anthony Ricciardo, and do not miss out on “Deeper”. This new release is now available on your favorite digital streaming services.