Jonah Melvon – Sunday Mornings

Jonah Melvon drops his new single titled, ‘Sunday Mornings’

In a fast paced world, it can be hard to slow down and appreciate the people or things we love most. Sundays traditionally is a day of rest, reflection, while at the same time being with loved ones and enjoying life.

The desire to slow down from the crazy speed of life and sincerely consider making a future with a real partner, drives the song “Sunday Mornings”. The introduction of the song, stimulates sonic imagery of a slow rising sun on a quiet Sunday Morning. Once the beat drops however, the song blends pop flare, soothing melodies, and lyrical brilliance.

“Sunday Mornings” traces the path of Jonah’s pursuit in making his relationship official. The song is an inner monologue turned love letter, as Jonah tries to figure out if he’s the only one seeing the future that is in front of him