Jonah Cruzz – Multiply


Jonah Cruzz – Multiply: In the music industry, massive egos and shameless confidence are often viewed as a hallmark for fame and recognition. Jonah Cruzz is, however, a very different artist who flips that conventional wisdom upside down. Take a peek at his online presence and he continuously downplays his hubris, often proclaiming that he’s just simple emcee from Atlanta with a big dream, grateful and appreciative of every step of the process.

Don’t be fooled, though, because Jonah Cruzz isn’t someone who’s just happy to be on the playing field. This is still an artist determined to be the best in the game. His method is one of speak softly and carry a big stick. His new single for “Multiply” is about the biggest stick we could imagine. The valleys are smooth and inviting, and the peaks are defined by his relentless delivery, reinforcing the determination and work ethic in the face of adversity that has defined Jonah Cruzz from his earliest age.

In the brand new “Multiply” video, Jonah Cruzz presents a post-apocalyptic future of the year 2297. As he traverses the Southside Atlanta Desert and the world’s water supply is a paltry 27% he strolls through the blistering desert heat in search of his next destination. The heat is brutal but it doesn’t stop him from serving a sizzling performance for the camera, showcasing his flow and style. Though Jonah is a modest soul, once the music fires up he flips the switch and becomes a larger than life personality, captivating the camera with an unapologetic fury.