Jon Harris – Perfect (Imperfect)

Jon Harris releases exciting new single, ‘Perfect (Imperfect)’ 

“Any critique you have for this song, it was designed specifically for that”

Jon Harris is a Hip Hop recording artist from New York. In December 2018 he released a promotional single called “Big” to take his first steps realizing his mainstream music aspirations. The song was meant to build enthusiasm for his upcoming debut album “Who Is Jon Harris?” Being a promotional single it was released before the break out single for the album which was set to release in 2019 but with complications regarding licensing of samples the song he recorded was pushed back and ultimately shelved. In between the 2 singles Jon released a short mix tape “For Those Who Can’t Wait: For the Debut Album” which was a few recorded songs that did not make the album but he put out while waiting for the clearance. Now that he’s ended the campaign for the original single and he works on the replacement he plans on releasing another “For Those Who Can’t Wait” type mixtape and releases a song “Perfect (The Imperfect Version)”.

The song focuses on 2 main type of people a male and a female who are the embodiment of the type people of the genders. The point is that people do too much to satisfy others and they need to learn to be and love themselves. The first verse speaks to a male who looks good to hear others speak well about him. It shifts to point out how far people seem to be willing to go for attention and to keep up their reputation. This is a product of the attention we give; the idea that people will continue this behavior as long as it is rewarded with our undivided attention. The second verse deals with a girl and doesn’t steer far away from dilemmas females deal with. Some women may prefer to get attention from men based on their appearance and Jon states that’s not necessary. That young girls may be more incline to enhancing their bodies after seeing the type of attention celebrities get such as Nicki Minaj & Cardi B, 2 popular female rappers known for their bodies which have both been surgically worked on. He adds that you need to search for love from yourself and not from others.

When speaking with Jon regarding the song it was said that the message is clear but the song comes off a little sloppy and underdeveloped and he states he made it purposely like that. He said “any critique you have for this song, it was designed specifically for that, the point is to lead by example. I left each verse the way it was so long as I got the words right and I didn’t edit anything passed the levels, no effects or plug-ins were added.” He said he loved the song and the message so much he decided to add it on a future project although he didn’t specify which, just that this version would be the “imperfect” version. “After hearing it, I thought to myself ‘wow’ and I loved what I made but knew it wasn’t right in its current form to be on a major project so I called this the imperfect version and I will have another one where I take the time to make sure the verse is good, make edits and mix the track so you’re too not distracted by the blatant flaws to absorb the content.