Jon Harris – More

Lyrical video for, ‘More’ by Jon Harris

Jon Harris is back with more; more new music, more of the same deep topics, and more of those though provoking concepts that he has become synonymous with. Jon Harris has always been paired with the word “big” and now he’s adding the word “more” along with it.

Since he step on the scene with his first mixtape “Destiny’s Calling” back in 2012 he has separated himself from his writing peers as he strives to connect with his base on a personal level. Jon mostly stays away from the superficial topics as with Destiny’s Calling he made songs about his personal life and perspective on life from a more direct stand point. The Jon released Destiny’s Calling 2 where he spoke to the worlds problems from an individual perspective; he might not be going through the specific struggle but he will tell the story as if it were him to remind the listener they are not alone.

Jon released his new song “More” on February 10, 2023 following his December release “Great”. More gives us 2 separate stories in 2 verses that lend the idea he had something good but pursued more and wound up losing everything. The first verse tells a story of a person who wished he could get a girl that cared about him but when he got her, he cheated and lost her. He mentions how he doesn’t need to add a chorus being that it might distract from the point he’s trying to make. The second verse tells a story of a music artist with a small but solid fan base that wishes to have a larger audience. In the artist’s pursuit of this goal they lost a sense of who they were and subsequently lost both their new larger base but also their original small core fanbase.

The song shows the dangers of letting your ambitions run wild. He says at the end of the song “I’m not saying it’s bad to want more. I’m saying, don’t let your ambitions for wanting more be the enemy of something great you already have”. This pieces together the enter song and what he’s trying to convey. Too many people want something; and when they get it, they begin to feel it’s not enough. Then trying to get more than what they initially wanted they end up losing it all. The song is not a song to discourage but to warn.