Jon Harris – Just Another Day

Jon Harris presents his exciting new single, ‘Just Another Day’

Jon Harris is an up and coming hip hop recording artist from New York. He has been releasing music through mixtapes over the years but recently released his first track “Big” as a promotional single for his upcoming debut album “Who Is Jon Harris?” In his latest song, which he states will not be on the album, Jon takes aim at the United States’ issue with its frequent mass shootings.

The song is titled “Just Another Day” as a reflection to the normality a person could feel when hearing of another mass shooting in the United States and Jon has said he purposely constructed the song around that idea. He is frustrated with the lack of action the U.S. government is taking with these attacks from its own citizens on its citizens. This comes at a time when President Trump and the Republican Party continuously demonize undocumented immigrants as if they are the countries largest threat to US citizens.

The song comes days after 2 back to back shootings in Dayton, OH and El Paso, TX respectively. The 2 shootings lead to the deaths of 29 people and 53 people were injured. Jon was quoted saying “I honestly didn’t even write the song for Dayton and El Paso, I wrote the song for the Valentine Day shooting in 2018. By the time I had it finished it was about a week or 2 after and I felt it was too late. I kept it knowing there would be more, and that’s the real problem. Think of planes, planes don’t kill people and yet thousands of people died when a terrorist used the plane as a tool for evil. It’s the same as guns, the difference is when people used planes as a means to kill massive amounts of people the government made it a priority to increase safety by checking people to make sure they’re not a threat. When people use guns to kill massive amounts of people, the same level of prioritization isn’t taken, if there are any measures at all.”

The United States is seeing an increase mass shootings yearly and Harris is trying to open people’s eyes to how terrible that fact is. He feels government does more to protect the right to bear arms than it does to protect the people this troubled amendment seems to hurt.

Quotable Lyrics
It’s just another day another mass shooting
It’s just another day the nation seems to watch
It’s just another day, it’s just another day
It’s just another day a group of people got shot