Jon Harris – F SC

Jon Harris - F SC

Jon Harris releases his new single, ‘F SC’

Emerging New York hip hop recording Jon Harris has released a song directed at Soundcloud. In December 2018 Harris released his first record titled, “Big” however he has been releasing music through websites that allow free download as a means to gain attention and one of which was

In the song Jon makes note of his reasoning behind his anger towards the website was due to them banning his songs and flagging his account. The artist says he made remixes to already known tracks to help get attention to his talents, much like how a singer will cover an already known song. He points out that as a rap artist his talents comes from his ability to write, he can’t simply use another artist’s work and make it his own as a singer could just cover other artists’ songs. So as a hip hop artist, their form of doing cover songs would be remixing the already popular works but adding your lyrics to the track.

Jon’s account was flagged because of him using the popular works and he states he completely understands the issue of music piracy. He understands the frustration of artists not getting paid for the hard work they put in and he would never hypocritically give away someone else’s work knowing he wouldn’t like it done to him or his music. Harris adds that he wouldn’t have a problem with the website if they weren’t the only distributor to give him problems stating that his songs were understandably flagged on many other sites but after him appealing his songs they were allowed because it was his lyrics that were recorded over the musical composition. Also, that people do cover songs on soundcloud which is also are not in compliance with copyright laws but those artist seem to get away with it.

Jon has long taken a break from using but mentioned the idea for this song coming from soundcloud notifying him they lifted a suspension of his account he didn’t even know about. He said, “…so one day I get a notification that I received an email from soundcloud and I was confused ‘cause I hadn’t logged in in a while. I open it and it said ‘Good news! We’re writing to let you know that the copyright strike on your SoundCloud account has expired.’ and I was like ‘WHAT?’ I honestly felt insulted and thought, okay I’m going to remove ALL of my music and I’ll upload something they’ll really love AND is in compliance with the copyright laws.”