Jim O’Rourke and Michelle Jones – Daisy’s Riding Shotgun

Jim O’Rourke and Michelle Jones introducing brand new studio release, “Daisy’s Riding Shotgun.

March 2020 – Jim O’Rourke and Michelle Jones are two extremely talented artists, each with a unique personality that truly stands out. Jim is a seasoned songwriter with an indie background, while Michelle has been writing songs for the past 5 years, with so many amazing melodies in her portfolio! This is the very first time they actually made a music video together, and this song stands out as a perfect example of the powerful chemistry in their collaboration!

“Daisy’s Riding Shotgun” is a catchy song with a retro vibe. There arrangement reminds of classic groups such as The Beatles, The Kinks or The Rolling Stones, with a charming retro vibe. The vocals are direct and catchy, in the vein of artists such as Fleetwood Mac. What makes this song special is definitely the fact that it has a lot of energy, but it also focuses on creating a very textural sound, with a really spontaneous atmosphere!

Listen to “Daisy’s Riding Shotgun,” and do not miss out on more music by Jim O’Rourke and Michelle Jones.