Jed Wyatt Smith – Take It Slow

Jed Wyatt Smith has recently released a new song: “Take It Slow”

August 2022 – Jed Wyatt Smith has recently released one of its most groundbreaking projects to date: “Take It Slow,” a preview of his very first solo album, which he recorded at Opal Studio with Kevin Hahn.

This new single features a varied range of creative influences highlighting Jed’s remarkable ability to constantly re-define the boundaries of sound and try new ideas.

Fans of musicians as diverse as Vance Joy, Eddie Vedder, Francis Moon, and Jussie Smith should definitely check out Jed’s work, especially as he’s gearing up to release his first-ever solo work.

“Take It Slow” stands out as a remarkable example of what people can expect from this fantastic artist, and the edgy mix of different genres, combined with the artist’s personality and flow, is a truly winning factor that makes this release all the more enjoyable. “Take It Slow” is a great accomplishment, and it opens the doorway to so many possibilities.

Find out more about Jed Wyatt Smith, and check out “Take It Slow”. This release is currently available on some of the best digital music streaming platforms on the web.