JD Frampton – Days of Long Gone By

JD Frampton proudly presents his single, ‘Days of Long Gone By’ just in time for the New Year

“My first minimalist recording released with only vocals and single instrument guitar.  A online computer program said this song is a live recording, it isn’t.  But I’m very please it thinks so.  This tune has grown inside me since I was like 12.  First trying to understand the meaning of Auld Lang Syne which was not written as a Holiday song but somehow became a New Years hit.  To me it was always a song of forgiveness for most of my life.  I thought that’s what it was about.  Reading through translations and the history of the song I realized it’s a song of remembrance for those that were once with us.  Even those you still know are not the same personages as they were in the past.  You can never really go back.  If you could would you want to?  If you did would you rather be as you are now or be how you were then?  Life is full of chapters, we are all on our own journey and our paths often stray far from those we are close to in each time. All those faces all those people from the past!  The song tells a close story to the original centuries old translation but I changed the words to try to capture what this song means in this time.  In hopes other’s would share this feeling it brings to me.  I hope it brings comfort and peace to all who hear it.” – JD Frampton