JC Hipster – Freedom

JC Hipster releasing new single: Freedom.

“Freedom” is a breathtaking new single release from JC Hipster, an artist who set out to bring a modern twist to his blend of hip-hop.

The song begins with a truly special tone. The synth soundscapes are moody and diverse, with a nocturnal flavor. JC’s vocals are upfront and personal, cutting through the mix. His lyrical flow is sharp and intense, with clever wordings and even more noticeable vocal melodies.

JC Hipster embodies the spirit of modern rap, but he also looks back to the roots of the genre. Some elements of his sound remind of influential artists such as Wu-Tang Clan, as well as A Tribe Called Quest, among others. It’s really all about capturing the integrity of the performance, and the artist did an excellent job at laying the cards on the table, showing the audience what his sound is all about. “Freedom” is so much more than just a song title. It is a powerful statement, which resonates with the listeners on a deep level.

From Drake to Chris Brown, and XXXTENTACION, JC Hipster captures the authentic spirit of some of the biggest names on the scene. His music is spontaneous and direct, with a keen sense of melody and energy for days.

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