Jay Gudda – The Reset


Jay Gudda has a lot to say and he’s damn sure that his new video for ‘The Reset’ is just the sort of edgy, unhinged jam that will leave it’s mark. Born in the blue collar town of Peabody, MA, Gudda has been pushing hard with his unapologetic brand of hip hop. He’s true to the art, the hustle and to displaying his natural talents, rather than cloaking himself in flashy gimmicks or cheap attempts of fame that infects so many artists on the scene.

While the Boston metro area and New England aren’t usually at the top of the list of hip hop scenes, Gudda has been establishing himself as one of the fiercest emcees on the eastern seaboard through a combination of touring, mixtapes, and good old fashioned grind. The noise he generated recently caught the attention of the legendary R.A. the Rugged Man, who brought Jay Gudda on the road with him. Just take a peek at Jay’s Facebook wall and you’ll see an abundance of newly converted fans who were scorched by his opening slot. As expected, “The Reset” is given props by many of them.