JamInRolls – Juggle

JamInRolls - Juggle

There is a principle of music styles juggling when making a new song put in the meaning of the name of the band. My name is Vital. I am a musician(at least I like to think so;), songwriter and I also perform my own songs. I was born in a country where rock music is not popular, especially nowadays.

Personally, I describe my creative style as “Juggle”, since I have written over 70 songs in a wide range of music genres. Some of the songs are available on our Facebook page.

Being the old-school rock fan (The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, E.L.P, King Crimson, The Doors etc.), I find this music inspirational for my composing.

The core idea of my creative work is to glorify the beauty of life and to make the listener seize that very moment, which might never be experienced again. As a positive-minded person (no banned substances taken, though), I have a strong desire to aesthetically awake that lively feeling of plain innocence we lack in the 21st century. That is what my work all about. As immodest as it sounds, the aforesaid opinion was given by the listeners after a great number (or not so many, as such matters are relative) of gigs. The band has performed in various lineups and in different venues: clubs, concert halls, festivals, including open-airs.

Just like any other man with an incredible gift, I wish to spread my word (songs) among more fans of top-notch rock, which requires extending our live-performance boundaries and the opportunity to make high-quality records.

Your valuable time, impressions and help regarding my creative work are all highly appreciated.