Jamaal Marvel – Darkside

Jamaal Marvel drops his brand new single, ‘Darkside’

Tales of a Fool, Jamaal Marvel’s break out album continuous to deliver, taking us on a revivifying journey of adventure and music rooted in 90’s Hip-Hop/R&B and 80’s funk with a modern twist. His newest single, “Darkside” can be summed up in one word, intoxicating! This Hip-Hop tale of adventure takes listeners around the world and back in three minutes and thirty-six seconds. The melody is compelling, pulling listeners back to experience the track over and over again. The message of the R&B chorus is simple, live never exist. Given the success of his previous singles, Give It To Me and Sucker which placed Jamaal on the Upcoming 100 Charts, it is no surprise that “Darkside” is smashing the airways.

The release of Darkside signifies the ending of something great and the beginning of something new as it is both the final single of the original “Tales of a Fool” album, and the first single from the upcoming EP “Juneteenth.” Juneteenth, a EP dedicated to the remembrance and celebration of the American black legacy, drops June, 19, 2021. Tales of a Fool 1.5, the extended version of Tales of a Fool arrives fall 2021, bringing 12 previously unreleased tracks! This Virginia native truly has a sound all his own, with experiences rooted in singing lead in the eclectic fusion band Half-Black, to lead vocalist and writer on EDM projects with producer Cadmium. Jamaal’s Darkside is a tantalizing experience, a Marvel that the world will not soon forget.