Jake Jurant – Late Night Blues EP

Jake Jurant - Late Night Blues EP

Jake Jurant proudly presents his latest EP release: Late Night Blues

The Artist:
Jake Jurant started out in the early Australian hip hop Scene in the early 90’s and jumped into EDM while the 2000’s rolled in, beginning his prolific productions career a few years later when be begun learning to produce at 14 years old and started his DJ career a few years after jumping into Trance and others. With over 15 years of of experience behind him producing high quality music while mastering music for other Artists across Australia, United States, Africa, Chile and More. DJ’ing at events around the Australia and Writing, Producing and Mastering songs for Professional, Amature and Struggling artists while helping out the struggling musical society throughout the world.

Jake Jurant is now becoming synonymous with the Deep, Chill Hop Lo-Fi Sound he has uniquely created in a fast rising scene of industry fans, highly skilled in operations of mix-mastering, Producing, DJ’ng and a continual promoter of the scene through his own productions, mixing and dedication to his craft and to his own local community and society

The Release:
A reflection of the modern era music age in Sydney outlined in a deep Lofi Hip Hop setting, the ‘Sydney’ single is a great track to start your journey through the EP