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Jairod – Love’s Not Enough

Jairod L. Hardy (stage name Jairod), was born on March 15, 1988 in Huntsville Alabama, and he is a RnB singer, songwriter, and producer. He began to cultivate his musical ear around the age of seven, composing basic melodies on his grandmother’s antic piano, and his passion for music has thrived ever sense. He is often compared to the likes of RnB singers Brian and Brandon Casey of Jagged Edge, Tank, and John Legend to name a few. His aim is simply to make great music. He strives to be an original, incorporating styling from both old school and contemporary music of all genres to produce his own unique representation of RnB. His writing generally consists of an artistic display of personal experiences, thoughts, and emotions. His music is very relatable, and he provides his take on love, heartbreak, and life. Definitely expect to hear more from Jairod in the future.




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