Jahborne – Fantasy (feat. oLADELLE)

Jahborne has recently released a new single: “Fantasy” (Also featuring oLADELLE)

December 2022 – Jahborne is an artist and songwriter who recently put out a fantastic new studio work that is titled “Fantasy”, (Also featuring oLADELLE).

You should definitely check out “Fantasy” by Jahborne if you like the work of artists such as Joey Bada$$, BurnaBoy, Drake, and J.Cole, only to mention a few. It is not always easy to express what’s so special about a record in words, but in this case, “energy” is a perfect word to explain what’s going on. Jahborne managed to create a new work that’s loaded with energy, but at the same time, incredible detailed and rich in terms of musical nuances and artistic focus, exploring Afro-Beat, R&B and hip-hop.

“Fantasy” kicks off with a very upbeat and dance-friendly beginning, and the arrangement immediately falls into place smoothly.

Find out more about Jahborne, and listen to “Fantasy”. This release is currently available on some of the best digital music streaming services.