Jae – Major

JAE introducing brand new single and music video: Major.

April 2020: JAE is a brilliant new artist to shine his star on the modern R&B scene. He is consistently receiving praise and hype for his new music, and his debut album, “Dead Luxury,” is a collection of quintessential bangers, combining elements as diverse as Neo-Soul, modern Hip-Hop, and timeless R&B melodies. If you are a fan of artists like Chris Brown, Usher, or The Weeknd, this one is going to be right up your alley!

JAE has been making a name for himself, also by opening for some of the greats: he shared the stage with 50 Cent, Travis $cott, and many others swinging by Virginia! His most recent single, Major, also has a banging music video, which gives the song an epic visual match.

The track features a big sound due to it’s edgy production, as well as JAE’s characterful approach to creating vocals that are memorable and passionate, yet very nuanced and deeply energetic. This is a perfect introduction to his sound, and it will certainly please Neo-Soul, Alt-Pop, and R&B fans everywhere.