J-Harris – Music For Your Soul


J-Harris – Music For Your Soul: -Harris started young and started strong. In his hometown of Greesnboro, NC he began entertaining crowds at the age of 8. His path and his passion were all but sealed at that point as he embarked on a journey that has seen him grow into one of the finest soul/R&B artists to come from not just the South, but across the entire USA. His newest single, “Music For Your Soul” is the perfect introduction to J-Harris, as it delivers an undeniable example of the impression he makes each and every time he steps up to the mic.

His earliest influences were legends such as Prince (RIP), Stevie Wonder, Teddy Pendergrass, and Michael Jackson, to name a few. As he matured and began writing his own music his sound began to take shape. It all comes together on his new EP, Narcotic, which finds the perfect balance between the soothing essence of R&B and the confident energy of the best of the soul world.