J-Harris – Come Thru

J-Harris presenting his exciting new single, ‘Come Thru’

J-Harris, a singer/songwriter, is making his own way and sound into the music industry and is among the best to come out of North Carolina. He started out at the age of 8 entertaining crowds in his hometown of Greensboro, NC. As he grew older he began modelling himself under the influences of legends like Michael, Marvin Gaye, NeYo and many more. With a passion to create music he began writing, recording songs and he developed his own unique style.

While absorbing the ideas behind great entertainers, he’s always placed his own personality in all that he does. With his writing skills, unique sound and superior talent, J-Harris looks to become one of the driving forces in the industry and head towards the legendary stature comparable to those that have influence him.

“Last Of A Dying Breed”, is the latest album which comes from J-Harris through imprint Multimogul Media/Orchard Sony. You can buy or stream the single and album on all digital platforms now!