J.D.G. – Heal Me

J.D.G. has DROPPED his exciting new single, ‘Heal Me’

J.D.G. is one of many upcoming artists out of Pontiac, Michigan. His style reflects shades of Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Drake, and Tupac Shakur. His incredible lyricism, variety, versatility, and catchy hooks are his x-factors when it comes to his musical talents. J.D.G. doesn’t care to brag about fame or glam. Instead, he aims to focus on conveying a real message to his fans, on a level that anyone who happens to listen can connect to. The song entitled “Heal Me” focuses on J.D.G.’s painful past as he goes into depth of his own healing process over the years through music. While accepting the past for what it was and looking towards his future, Heal me looks to relate to those who have been in bad relationships or have had any detrimental pain in their past that has left scars unhealed. This long aims to help J.D.G. realize that to heal, he must accept the past, remember who he is not only as an artist but also to keep moving forward.