Isa Bangz – Udat Na Me

Isa Bangz is back with a new release: Udat Na Me

December 2020 – British / Sierra Leonean rap artist Isa Bangz approaches music with a one-of-a-kind energy. His sound might remind the audience of some of the heroes of the International scene, including icons such as 50 Cent or Kanye West, only to mention a few. However, he has a different personal twist that highlight his personal growth as an artist and human being.

Also known as IB, the artist was initially a football player before focusing on music. He had to stop doing sports due to an injury, but he eventually found his outlet in great rap music, especially pioneering a groove-driven Afro-Trap sound that feels modern and extremely easy to relate to. A strong and unapologetic performer, Isa Bangz reveal a lot of the fire in his heart with his most recent studio release, “Udat Na Me.” This is a memorable song with a unique twist, and a fresh take on what is a truly new take on the genre.

Check out Udat Na Me and find out more about Isa Bangz and his music.