Introducing Young Black

Young Black

Ali Mojaddidy goes by the name of Young Black (also known to some as The Afghanimal due to his Afghan roots ) and was born November 20, 1991. He was born and raised in the Bay Area. He started rapping in middle school and was inspired by his grandfather who wrote poetry in a journal passed on to him by his mother who translated the words for him from Farsi to English. Those words to this day are a source of motivation for Young Black in his work. His other inspiration was Tupac who he listened to from a very young age. Young Black is most known for his freestyle rap , and his songs have inspired many young Bay Area kids looking to get into the music business. Rap for Young Black is a form of expression – about life and all the struggles that come with it, which are all so real. He is known for his songs “Love of The Game”, “Work”, and “Superdave”.