Introducing Toumaranke


Toumaranke, a group of largely Guinean musicians mostly based in The Gambia, and one English one, are almost ready to release their debut CD Takhadi Dekau: Inside the chickens Mouth. Recorded in Gambia last year with some crowdfunding money and the help of English sound engineer and producer Martin Messent this fresh sounding CD combines traditional West African instruments with modern songwriting. Created and written by the band under the tutaledge of their leader Moussa Sylla. The album mixes Balafon riffs, traditional drums, the bolon and krin into a startlingly groovy sound. Seldom has an album utilised the balafon and bolon in quite such an exposed fashion. A mixture of instrumental and singing tracks it’ll have you up and dancing in no time. Lyrics are in Soussou,, telling of the life of the wandering musician, stories from Moussas’s life, praising the men who work the sea and advising us to all ‘work together for the common good’ in typical West African style

Band Biog
The core members of Toumaranke, Moussa and Chris Sylla and Mohammed (Okameo) Bangoura have worked together in a variety of combinations over the last 5 years. Now we are a seven piece outfit, led my Moussa Sylla, all Guinean apart from Chris Sylla, and including a griot Balafon player – Mohammed Camara. Loosely based in Gambia various members of the band also travel to and work in Guinea from time to time. We are united by our love of traditional West African music. Influences include Etoilles De Boulabinet and Espoires De Corinthe.