Introducing The Blue Elephant


House Therapy is in order, and the doctor?… Montréal-raging The Blue Elephant. His seemingly constant track delivery show his tireless determination to earn his rightful place among Canada’s emerging electronic dance music artists. The Blue Elephant is a visionary Producer and DJ fusing melodic chord progressions and air-cutting leads with thumping bass and beats which formulate his distinctive sound. With tracks ranging from ‘laying on a hammock’ chilled to ‘in the middle of a rave’ upbeat, The Blue Elephant has all bases covered, leaving only one question….. Are you ready for some therapy?

The Blue Elephant mixes different musical genres in his tracks, borrowing heavily from anything and everything that inspires him: classical composer and contemporary pop icons as well as cutting edge musicians in the Dance, House, Progressive, Trance, Dubstep and Hip Hop scenes. This approach, coupled with collaborations with producers, rappers and artists from all over the world, from Canada to South Africa and from England to the USA results in eclectic tracks that will most definitely make you move.