Introducing Slonely Poet

Klavdija Žinger (Born 10.09.1993) known under her pen name Slonely Poet is Slovenian Author, Writer & Songwriter and singer . And she has always had love and passion for writing and music.

For her writing was expressing all her feeling and escape from reality. Whenever she had something to say but couldn’t, she just wrote it down. Writing made sense of all the thoughts in her head. She wrote 2 books called ” Changing Colors” & ” Hear Me Cry” both books are collection of love, pain, regret, fear and heartbreak. Slonely Poet is always working on new things and is constantly helping other people with expressing their emotions. Writing is a way to escape reality and fight with your demons. With pen, paper and your thoughts you can create difference for yourself and for others. She is currently working on her new book ” Athlete of heaven ” and new music. Her most played song is her first ever single ” Behind Closed Doors. She’s always working on new things and will never stop creating.